Beans! Beans! Beans! Abandoning meat in the DR

We have been in Luperon, Dominican Republic (DR) for six weeks. Of course, cultural differences still exist from what I’m used to in Canada. But, I am no longer wringing my hands because the celery looks floppy. In fact, today, I bought a cabbage that was being ravaged by live caterpillars. I discarded the outer leaves. Everyone is happy.

This blog post highlights the cultural difference that has affected me most, which is meat.

I haven’t had meat or eggs to eat since we arrived in the Dominican Republic. I can’t get past that the meat here looks like the animal from whence it came.

Chickens without antibiotics are actually scrawny beasts. Egg yolks are slightly less perky, and there are no dates stamped on the egg shells.

I’m accustomed to eating highly processed items. The irony is that – assuming that there is reliable refrigeration – the meat and eggs here are probably better for me than what I consume in Canada.


  1. Hi, I just came across your blog today. I’ll be one of crew taking a new St Francis from C.T. to Annapolis, Md. for the Oct. U.S.A boat show. I’m in Taiwan now but leave for C.T. S.A. on Sunday. Thought I would jump in on the meat and veggies since I have lived in Taiwan for over 10 years and have had the same concerns as you about the food. First of all you are right about the food probably being healthier. The reason of course there are worms on the cabbage is because they don’t spray chemicals on them and the chickens are smaller because they don’t cram antibiotics down them. It’s the same here and the food is much healthier than in the U.S. where I’m from. We buy from local morning and evening markets everyday and have never been sick from eating the meat or veggies. If the locals are eating it and not dropping like flies then it probably ok.
    Enjoy; you are living the live I love but can’t afford but I crew every couple of years to get it out of my system. I guess it’s time to tell my wife I’m going also; I always put it off till the last.


      • I didn’t know but that would be great! From reading your Blog, I know your husband has lots of experience with the SF50. I will meet George on our planned stop at the SF Resort on Stocking Is. and hope to meet your husband also.

        Back to food for a moment. My wife always cooks veggies that don’t have an outside skin to peel off; I would cook eggs, cabbage , any kind of greens and the limp celery also. We don’t get much beef here but pork and chicken gets cooked until well done. You should have no problems there and be eating much healthier. One thing that we have is an Ozone maker hooked to our kitchen sink water. It is a small electrical unit, but draws a minimum amount of amps and only when the water is turned on. Ozone kills 99.9 % of all germs according to researchers. My wife washes all the fruit and veggies with this ozone water. We haven’t had any problems eating raw fruit or veggies when we wash it in this first. Cashido is the brand and I think sells for about $250 here in Taiwan.


  2. Eggs do not need to be refrigerated, chickens do jot live in chilled coops. Eggs will last 3-4 weeks on the counter, even in tropics. Yolks will be bright and perky and whites very firm when fresh…and will deteriorate as they age. They may change colour or size depending on the season/what the chook eats. As for meat, if it is freshly slaughter and looks clean/free of flies and fresh then give it a try. And yes, it looks like an animal because it is one. Say thanks and acknowledge another living creature. You have the opportunity to feed your family whole, healthy, locally grown food, time to get over your fears.


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