(this is a work in progress)

We purchased Aphrodite in March 2015 and immediately moved her from Ft. Lauderdale to Palmetto, Florida. We docked at Regatta Pointe Marina and, working with Pat Reischmann, we undertook a refit that lasted through September 2015. We have literally thousands of emails and documents relating to the refit. This page organizes that mass of information; at least it will eventually.

This page also provides commentary on the functionality and quality of the products we selected for the refit. In most cases, we sought advice and thoroughly researched the products. Over time, as we resolve issues and perform upgrades, we will update this information.

Balmar Dual AT-200-12-IG Alternators and Charging System








Blue Sky Solar Controllers


Blue Sky Solar Boost 3024i Manual (PDF)

Blue Sky IPN-ProRemote (PDF)

Caframo Fans

Caframo Sirocco


Caframo Kono


These have been a disappointing purchase. We purchased 17 Caframo Sirocco fans and four Caframo Kono fans for over $2,000 US. Roughly two-thirds of the Sirocco fans and all four Kono fans have failed in less than one year of use. I would not recommend these products at this time.

As of Sept 19, 2016, of the 21 fans we purchased last summer:

  • nine are totally dead,
  • five have intermittent problems with the power/speed and timer buttons,
  • one vibrates so badly it can’t be used, and
  • six work as expected.

Beyond the mechanical issues, the grills on all 17 of the Sirocco fans are badly corroded and unsightly; despite regular cleaning; all this in under one year of use.






Fischer Panda PMS 8 Mini – 240VAC – 60HZ – 8kW (& Kubota Z482)


Fischer Panda PMS 8 Mini Wiring Diagram (PDF)

Fischer Panda PMS 8 Mini Parts Manual (PDF)

Kubota Z482 E4B Specs (PDF)

Kubota Engine Workshop Manual Diesel Z482 (PDF)

Kubota Online Parts Diagram (select Kubota / Variable Speed Engine / Z482-E2B)

Fischer Panda challenges (June 2016 – Oct 2016). Our Fischer Panda regularly eats fan belts. It get so hot inside the enclosure it’s a wonder to me that the fan belts last as long as they do; we replace fan belts about every 50 hours. Anyway early in June our fan belt broke and before we could manually shut-down the generator it shut down due to over-heating. Ever since this happened we have had ongoing problems with the generator; and these problems are exasperated by us being in the Dominican Republic without ready access to parts.

Victron AGM Telecom Batteries


Victron Telecom Battery AGM 12V 200Ah Specifications (PDF)

Victron Phoenix MultiPlus Battery Charger/Inverter


Victron Phoenix MultiPlus 24/300/70 Manual (PDF)

Victron MultiPlus – Link Box Wiring Instructions (PDF)

Victron BMV-501 Battery Monitor (PDF)

Victron Digital Multi Control Panel (PDF)

Victron veconfigure (PDF)

Xintex – Fireboy


Xintex S-2A Propane / CNG Fume Detector with Solenoid Valve Control Manual (PDF)

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