I am a stay-at-home mom to four lovely and lively children – ages 10, 8 and 5 year-old twins.


My husband and I live in Ottawa, Canada. We have rented our house, bought a catamaran, and plan live aboard and home school for 5 or 6 years, possibly to circumnavigate.

This blog documents my personal growth from complete sailing newbie, to capable cruiser. I want to have enough medical, and blue water experience and training to charter a boat, and sail it on my own. My husband will be sailing with our family, but I want to have skills to be in equal partnership, not just because I’m a nice wife, but because I value safety and adventure.

I will also be describing my experience with home schooling. We will be leaving the public school system, and we’ve never home schooled before.

The best way to reach me is to leave me a comment, and I will contact you by email.

About our boat

SV Aphrodite
SV Aphrodite

We recently bought SV Aphrodite, a St Francis 50 catamaran. A review of our boat appears in the May/June 2005 issue of Multihulls magazine.


  1. Hi! So cool and serendipitous that I came across your blog today. We are moving to the Bahamas to live after hurricane season. We previously lived in St. Kitts for six years and we homeschool! Two girls aged six and four. We currently live in braeside (ten minutes west of Arnprior) and I am loving reading about your adventure. We do no currently sail but it is high on our to do list once we move back to the Caribbean. Would be cool to visit here and in the Caribbean if you wish. Email me. Thanks, gayle


  2. Hey! I got your Xmas card today and am just now going through your blog/website. It’s a great setup. I think what you guys are doing is really amazing. And with four kids in tow. (You must be insane!) I will be following Betty’s corner and point-of-view very closely.


  3. Thanks for my x-mass card! It led me here and I have been reading every post. Amazing!

    I have to attend a wedding in the Caribbean in April. Where are you going to be during that time?


  4. Hi from Ottawa!
    We received your Christmas card, Thank you! It is so Amazing what you are doing. We wish you all the Best on your new Adventure. We will be catching up with what you have done so far and looking forward to watching for updates 🙂
    Be Safe & Have Fun!
    Nicola & Joe Peloso


  5. Hello from Ottawa (Nepean)! We’ve never posted before, but we’ve been following your family’s adventures. We’re members of a couple of Ottawa homeschooling Facebook pages, where we first read about your voyage. I’d love to do what you’re all doing.

    I’m mom to a soon to be 9 year old DD, Maya, who also loves reading. If Betty is interested in a penpal (or another one, if she’s already corresponding), feel free to be in touch at seahorserescuer@gmail.com.

    We were in the Bahamas just a few years ago — so beautiful. I still miss it. We hope you’re having a great day.


  6. Hi there! We really enjoyed meeting you guys yesterday at Sapodilla Bay. We are thinking we might make it back down this morning if you guys want to come to shore and play! Let me know if you need us to bring anything from town, we can stop on the way,


  7. We are going to leave in a few minutes, we should be there by 9:30-10 so whenever is convenient for you guys, we will be there for a few hours!


  8. Hello Lorraine Rick and kids,
    This is Rick’s cousin Kathleen Barnes from Carp. I just wanted to say hello and than I have been tuning in from time to time trying to catch up on your adventures. It’s been wonderful following your trip. What a fantastic opportunity!!
    Lorraine, I sympathise fully with your fight against seasickness and hope that you have found your sea legs.
    Rick, I just forwarded your blog link to Aunt Kathleen who was quite interested in your trip as well.
    Just wanted to say hello and I look forward to reading more.


  9. Hi Lorraine, where are you? Tony and I see that you are/were moored in Woburn, Grenada. We are staying a few miles away in a small hotel on the deserted, idyllic, Morne Rouge beach. If you are still around we would love to be in contact. We are second cousins!!! Your Mum is my first cousin. Love to you all, Marilyn xx


  10. We leave next Wednesday. So sorry to have missed you. Will follow your trip with delight. Love to you all. Marilyn


  11. Riverhawk Marina – they hauled your boat as I see. What beam do you have? and mast height if bridges are a factor getting to the marina? Thank you. I have a Lagoon 400 that I need to haul on the west coat of FLA/


  12. Hi,

    It was great reading your blog as we are looking at a used St Francis 50 right now. We live in Los Angeles right now aboard a Catalina 42, but spent many years in Ottawa.

    I was wondering if there was any chance I could drop you an email with a couple of questions about your boat?



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