My very first post

This blog documents my transition from stay-at-home mom to sailor. I have virtually no sailing experience. But, I have a yen for adventure. Our family plans to buy a boat, and live afloat for 5 or 6 years, possibly to circumnavigate the globe.

My husband has some sailing experience, but not enough to call him “Skipper”. We are both taking sailing courses in the next six months with the hopes to begin our live aboard adventure in July 2015. Our goal is to become competent blue water navigators and cruisers.

Becoming a sailor is about learning the language of sailing – where “ropes” are “lines”, and boats that “tilt” now “heel”. Becoming a sailor also means learning about home schooling our four children, medical first aid and insurance, small engine repair, how to cook in a galley, and how to pack our belongings.

In the coming months, we will pack up our belongings and rent our house. We will sell our van. And, I hope to use this blog to document this process and help to keep me accountable for our progress.


  1. Good for you! Throw off the bowlines!
    Two rersources that might be helpful to you… actually, three:
    First, you’ll find inspiration on “Family Adventure Podcast” (easy to find through a search) – they’ve interviewed lots of sailors and families who take off on epic adventures.
    Second, my new book “Pacific Crossing Notes” will be out on Feb. 10 with a chapter on outfitting a boat and on working your way up from day sailig to ocean cruising. You might want to check that out.
    Third, later this year, sailing friends Behan Gifford and two collaborators are coming out with a book about sailing with kids. Might be interesting for you.
    Finally, you’ll find supportive and helpful facebook communities under “Kids4Sail” and “Women Who Sail”, as well as on the Women and Cruising website. Good luck on your wonderful adventure (and yes, even this getting ready stage is an adventure!)


  2. Isn’t it exciting to have made the decision and be moving ahead with your dreams? I’m so glad Nadine sent you my way – let me know if I an be a resource for you. Nadine has great ideas in her comment! I’d also recommend “The Sailing Podcast” – not family specific, but from all walks of life. Also “Sail Loot” if you have questions about funding the adventure (or what it really costs).


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