Possible renter?

We are in the last hours of the school holidays. And, today I spent some much-needed downtime feeling guilty that my kids were watching continuous episodes of “Avatar The Last Airbender”, and that I wasn’t doing something active or crafty with them.

And, then in comes an email from our real estate agent, asking to see our house with a possible renter tomorrow. They viewed our house previously, a few weeks ago. We have rescheduled their visit until Monday.

Right now, Lego is strewn about – about 2,000 pieces that we thoughtfully gave to our kids for Christmas. And, the Christmas tree is a disaster. There are no decorations left on the bottom third of the tree as they have been plucked by small hands. The lights are no longer plugged into the wall in a discreet, pleasing fashion. Instead, the lights are strung over to an outlet to the right of the tree. The low-hanging bulbs have long been stripped from their sockets by our twins who are curious about electricity.

So, I will be spending the next couple of days preparing our house for a viewing.  The Christmas tree comes down tomorrow. With 220 boxes packed in the basement, waiting to be sorted through and pitched or sold, you would think that it would be easy to keep organized. But, we have four children.

We’ve told our real estate agent that the tenants could move in either June 30 or July 31. Signing with a tenant would give us a definite date to start our new adventure. Once we have a signed lease, it would be a case of finding ourselves a reliable property manager.

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  1. Hello! We can absolutely relate to where you are right now, even though we’re on the other end right now (just back for our first Christmas home after three years of sailing – sigh). We, too, took thing step by step for our first trip. Good luck!


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