Every voyage has a beginning, so where do I start?

This has been a slow week in terms of learning to sail. I had hoped to work on my RYA on-line Day Skipper theory course. But, it hasn’t been panning out the way I’d expect.

Our 3.5 year-old twins started daycare this week. But, Henry, came down with a cold after his first day. So, I have kept him at home, and have been in full-on mommy mode ever since.

On Tuesday, I had a couple of hours to myself and I plotted the activities that we need to complete before we depart for our sailing trip, sometime in late June or July. The timing is really rather arbitrary, considering we don’t even own a boat yet. But, we need a target date to communicate to potential tenants as we plan to rent our house.

The activities that are filling my calendar include: taking a Medical Person in Charge course, completing our taxes, sorting through 220+ boxes in our basement, and learning about home schooling. I also want to learn about the basic mechanics of small engines. I’m addicted to the public library. Right now, “Kids instead  the Cockpit” by Jill Schinas is on my night stand.

Where to start?

Well, a sailor must sail. So, my first priority is to begin my RYA Day Skipper course. This course took my husband 70 hours to complete, not including the 8-hour exam that he finished today. I plan to complete my course by end of February.

The next five weeks should be interesting –  I will be well into my course, and my husband will be sending pictures and video from the Mount Gay Rum Round Barbados Race 2015, and Grenada Sailing week. He is taking some sailing training and then heading over to the Miami International Boat Show.

Stay tuned…

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