Knot now – an ode to the unicorns amongst us

Today, I draw your attention to an activity display at the Canadian Children’s Museum.

See the title of this display: “Knot Now”? This has been my mantra for the past few weeks as my husband sailed from Barbados to Antigua, and I tended the sick at our house in Ottawa. Not a whole lot of course work was completed for my RYA online Day Skipper course.

But, going back to the Knot Now sign for a moment – what kind of person stops, in the busy environs of the Children’s museum, to perform a series of knots, especially, given the scant description on the display. It would take a very special person, I think. If I worked at the museum, I’d lobby to put a motion-detection camera on the display. It would be like spotting a unicorn.

I imagine that in a few weeks, I will be tying the Sheet Bend, the Carrick Bend and the Fisherman’s Knot with ease. And, it will be me at the display, completely absorbed in the happy task of tying knots as my children run helter-skelter throughout the labyrinths of the Canadian Children’s Museum. I might even throw in a few more knots for good measure.

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