All About Me, Betty!!!!!

Hello, I’m Betty. I’m nine years old and in grade four. My mother Lorraine wrote the other parts of this blog but Betty’s corner and point of view well I wrote this part. I start by writing some of my favourite things to do. My favourite sport to do in winter is skating. My favourite summer sport is tree climbing if that is really a sport. For all seasons my favourite sport is fort building if that is a sport as well. My favourite food is ice cream mmmm! I don’t know if I could say favourite hobby is, but if I can it is reading or fort building. I couldn’t ever chose never I tell you, never. My favourite season is summer, or perhaps spring. I love to read by the way a lot I have read from 7 pm to 12 am before, no lies. I also love to write stories.

Betty, age 9
Betty, age 9

One comment

  1. Hi Betty. I will be reading your blog and sharing it with my sons, Jonathan (4-and-a-half) and Michael (almost 3). Jonathan, by the way, loves building forts. We have these ruins across the road from our house and we climb up to the tower and try to build forts.

    If you like reading AND forts, you could build a fort for reading in. 🙂

    I guess you won’t be building many forts in the next few years. Unless you find a place on your boat.

    Looking forward to reading about your adventures.



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