Getting the dirt on cleaning a used boat

There is one difference between buying new and buying used – and, it’s not just about price. Used boat ownership might require a considerable up-front investment of time spent cleaning. Such is the case with our boat, SV Aphrodite.

Today, we spent the day cleaning the boat.

What I haven’t told you previously is that our boat was full of stuff when we took ownership. So far, my husband and I have removed roughly 30 garbage bags of stuff from our boat. In fairness, the close date for our boat was moved up and the previous owner didn’t have an opportunity to unload their personal effects.  I’m told this experience – of buying a boat full of things – is pretty common when you buy a used boat.

I enjoy the fact that our boat has been lived in and enjoyed. It has good vibes and we really like the boat and the space it affords us. I even appreciate some of the books that were left behind. I will enjoy reading “Sport Fish of the Gulf of Mexico”, for example.

But, cleaning a used boat is an experience. It’s not like cleaning a house because there is so much surface area. Open a locker and another one appears beneath it. Ceilings and walls are all fair game.

I came to Florida to clean our boat this weekend and I feel like I’ve only scratched the surface. We’ve washed every dish, removed dust and exoskeletons from drawers and shelves, but I haven’t even started on the bathrooms.

In truth, I don’t enjoy housework or even pairing knick-knacks and patterns.  I prefer being outside. And, to an extent, my house reflects that. But, when the mess originates from someone else then it seems more tolerable.  Wait till the mess originates from me – and it will be a different story.

This post was typed using an ANKER Ultra Compact Bluetooth Keyboard, using my iPhone as the screen. Thanks to my lovely husband for tricking us out with this geekery.

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