She was a Day Skipper, one way ticket yeah

Good news! I passed my RYA Day Skipper Theory exam today. I was taking the course on-line with the UK company, Navathome. The course work took at least 40 hours to complete, and the exam took me about 6 hours to write.

The people at Navathome were really helpful in ensuring that I understood the material.

This certification means that I can plot a course to sail by factoring in the tide, weather conditions, and potential hazards. I can also figure out where I am in the world by using a chart, a compass and landmarks or buoys. I also know about safety measures and collision regulations.

My husband passed the Day Skipper Theory and Practical courses a couple of months ago. He has practical sailing experience.

Soon we’ll be talking like sailors.

Next up: RYA Day Skipper Practical course, which I’ll be working towards with Ondeck Sailing in Antigua. I leave for Antigua on Wednesday morning.

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