All the gear, give me a year

Learning to sail during Antigua Sailing Week (ASW) is most intimidating. I have passed a RYA Day Skipper Theory course but have the most minimal understanding of how the lines work.

For example, I could tell you the function of some of the lines on the SV Spirit of Juno based on their colour. But, as to why we sometimes use a winch handle, and sometimes throw lines off the winches and other times just ease them, dear knows.

Today I alarmed our skipper because when we were tacking I eased a rope that was holding up the back stay, and could have caused the mast to break. It gave me pause to put it mildly.

There was other crises and annoyances on the boat today. The engine was again temperamental and we nearly missed our race start. Later, our spinnaker got caught in the rigging on the mast. People kind of lost their cool. It happens.

The good news is that I am going to learn, if not this week then I am going to carve out other opportunities to learn. A year from now this blog will be a very different read. I am determined to become a competent blue water sailor.

Today’s race is over and I’m taking a break. Here is a picture of where I am right now.

Children playing at Pigeon Beach, Antigua

It’s pure joy on a Sunday afternoon at Pigeon Beach, Antigua. The beach is full of local families, and the reggae dance music is cranked to dance club levels.

Speakers at the beach
Menu on Pigeon Beach, Antigua
Menu on Pigeon Beach, Antigua
Beach vendor
Beach vendor

I can’t wait to bring our kids here with our catamaran. They would have so much fun.

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