RYA Day Skipper civilized sailing

At Antigua Sailing Week, since we were racing, I have spent the past week literally in the ready position – knees bent, arms forwards. So I am not sure what to make of the more relaxed approach aboard the boat I’m on this week – taking my RYA Day Skipper course.

Following a safety brief, I had a brief stint at the helm as we motored over to the grocery store.

Epicurean grocery store, Jolly Harbour, Antigua
Epicurean grocery store, Jolly Harbour, Antigua

The skipper, Ian, announced that he liked to have a tea at 3pm, and sure enough, he disappeared down below to make tea at that time.

We used only the jib sail today. I did a tack with the help of two crew while the skipper was below making his tea just to mix things up a bit.

There are four students on my boat and our skipper, Ian. But, I am the only one who is completing RYA Day Skipper. Everyone else is doing RYA Competent Crew.

This means that I’m navigating and giving safety talks, whereas the rest of the crew is not expected to do these sorts of tasks.

Right now we’re anchored out at Deep Bay, Antigua with 25 feet of anchor chain.

Deep Bay, Antigua
Anchored out at Deep Bay, Antigua

I’m sailing with Miramar Sailing. I had planned to sail with Ondeck Sailing but their skipper, Logan, was tied up this week. So they made arrangements for me.

The boat I’m in is SV Miramar and is quite plush. It is an Oceania 400 Beneteau.

Here are some pictures of my room and our saloon. In theory, I’m sharing a room with a woman named Elizabeth, but she is thinking about sleeping on deck tonight.

My berth, starboard aft
My berth, starboard aft. Plush but  slightly cozy quarters to share.
Saloon, SV Miramar

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