Preparing for our tenants’ visit

In the night air there is a loud hum – it’s the sound of our pressure washer in action. Two dark figures work in silhouette, drinking coffee even as the sun goes down. They are Matt and Darren who have been helping us to ready our house and property for our big move. Tonight they are cleaning the garage floor, while our camping gear lies on the driveway.

Dusk: our garage contents sits on the driveway, allowing us to clean the garage floor
Tonight at dusk: our garage contents sit on the driveway, allowing the garage floor to be pressure washed

Tomorrow our tenants arrive to see our home – and what will soon be their home for the next two years. We had a lot of pictures available online. But, this is the first time they will physically be inside our house.

So, today, the grass was cut. Red begonias now pop out against the backdrop of the forest, and the potting soil has been freshly turned.

Begonia, planted and ready for summer
Begonia, planted and ready for summer

My husband leaves for Florida in a few days to work on the refit of labour boat, SV Aphrodite. He returns to Ottawa just six days before we move out.

In preparation, we’ve started to pare down our belongings in an almost ruthless fashion. My husband is parting with his treasured Apple II computers. Things that once held value to us, now seem to be occupying valuable floor space.

Today: our van loaded for a trip to Value Village
Today: our van loaded for a trip to Value Village

It’s now 10 p.m. here in Ottawa.

Matt has just stopped using the pressure washer and my husband is busy, sorting through our belongings. I expect we’ll be up late as we ready our house for the tenants’ visit tomorrow.

Good night Internet. I’ve got some packing to do.

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