Limbo of the homeless yachties

First off, I struggle to call our boat a yacht. And, second, I recognize homelessness to be a serious concern. That said, we are moving from our house in ten days. To pursue a full-time liveaboard lifestyle, we have rented our house, and sold or donated most of our belongings. We own a St Francis 50 catamaran.

Where we will be living in the month of July is a bit of an unknown. We have four children – ages 9, 7. and 4 year-old twins.

In July, my husband needs to be in Florida. And, I need to be in Ottawa to attend some medical appointments with our kids. Yet, we don’t move onboard SV Aphrodite until mid August. So, without our home, we are navigating the murky waters of accommodation.

Plans are shaping up, however. And, not a moment too soon. We have a couple of housing options available. A friend of ours has a house that is vacant. I might stay there with our children in the month of July. Then, in August, a family member is considering having our children live with her for 10 days. This would allow my husband and I to get acquainted with our boat in Florida with our skipper, Mark Burton, before our kids arrive.

I still don’t know what our plans will be. We might have visitors in late August. This would be a lot of fun as sailing is very new to me. Even sleeping on the boat will be novel. I’m looking forward to the sensation of constant movement, and listening to the water sounds. It will be fun to share this experience, not just with our kids bit with our extended family.

I have a feeling that this summer is going to be full of excitement.

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