Rainy soundscape in Florida

Here is a sound clip – one minute of rain drumming on the roof of our catamaran.

Now imagine being anchored out in rain – with that intensity – puddling and swilling about on our top deck, and spilling over the sides. An open porthole is an entry point for a flood.

And it was exactly for that reason that water poured into our twins’ room. I had left a window open by accident. It was not a minor drizzle. The flood brought the full weight of water from the deck into their room.

Karen slept through the flooding. Her hair and pillow were saturated with water. Henry, on the other hand, was found on his bed blinking like a subterranean mole while seeking a dry place to sleep.

Winter is upon us here in Tavernier, Florida. But we are still wearing shorts and are not exactly cold. We are getting lots accomplished in our boat, largely because it is raining. Today, for example, Rick installed an APEC water purifier. The purifier eliminates waterborne bacteria like giardia cysts (yuck!) and makes our water taste good.

Soon we will be leaving to go to the Bahamas. And, I will have more to report.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Hi Lorraine and all, Thinking of you a lot and wondering how it’s going. Lots of sunshine here in Ottawa and the nights are just starting to get colder – an amazing autumn so far. No snow in sight. Do you get emails and phone calls there in Tavernier? We are expecting the baby any day now… he’s late!


  2. still in florida? I imagined you on the high seas but now, but then again I guess it take a lot to get the boat and everybody on it ready to go. stay safe… and dry if you can. looking forward to many high rez pictures from what I hope to you be an awesome adventure.


  3. Hi everyone! We are still in Florida. Our biggest seas have been about 12 feet and washed right over our decks. We are listening to the radio everyday for weather information.

    While our internet connection is sketchy – we are reachable by email, text, phone and even snail mail at the moment. I’m also on Twitter @svaphrodite.


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