Christmas cards

We sent out Christmas cards last week, and I feel that we’ve left some people off our list. I’ve really enjoyed writing this blog this past year, and know that there are people in New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Canada and the USA who regularly visit, even though we might never meet in person.

So this blog post and virtual card is for you – happy holidays and all the best for the New Year!

For family and friends who received a physical card, I thought you’d be interested to know that your card may have endured several trips in our dinghy. The cards were eventually mailed by my husband and our friend, Karl, who drove from Miami to help us out.

Some of our Christmas cards fell victim to the elements. For instance, an entire package of “Let it Snow….But Not Here” cards became stuck to themselves after getting wet in our dinghy. Most of the cards in this package had to be thrown away. If you’ve received this type of card, know that your card is an at-sea survivor.

And, in many cases, the humidity caused the envelopes to seal prematurely. So I used a knife to slice these envelopes open, and then resealed them with tape. Some of the envelopes will present like insider mail theft. But it’s just me loading the cards aboard our boat. I like to think they were sealed – at least originally – by the sea air.

Here is a little bit about our Christmas plans. Currently, we are anchored out in Tavernier, in the Florida Keys.

We are in a sheltered spot, roughly half a mile from a slim channel lined with mangroves.

We are at the beginnings of a winter storm, brought about by a tangle of winds, creating treacherous sailing conditions. But, we are quite comfortable, bobbing along on our anchor, and wearing warm clothes for the first time in months. I baked some homemade shortbread this afternoon, which suited our mood perfectly.

We are preparing to go to the Bahamas, waiting for a good weather window. We listen to an SSB radio channel for weather information every morning. It’s our 6:30 am wake up call. I like the sense of ritual that it brings, as we hush our kids and listen to other boats calling in from afar to check the weather in their area.

Thanks again for reading. Happy holidays!



  1. Dear Eschers all,

    Your Christmas card arrived a couple of days before Christmas, no sign of water damage!

    Hope you’ve had a fun first Christmas on the water! It has been amazing here. Took this photo on Dec 23 on Holland Avenue. More like spring! The guy on the bike is “dressed” but there were people out in shorts and tank tops! Cooler today but still gorgeous.

    I’ve booked my NZ trip, leaving on Jan 20. Really looking forward to it, to real summer, and to getting away from the office for a few weeks.

    All the best and happy sailing for 2016.


    Sent from my iPad


  2. Merry Christmas to you all and a safe, enjoyable, adventurous New Year. Your blog posts are always an entertaining read. Winter has finally settled onto Ottawa, first skate of the year on Monday. Evelyn says Hello to Betty and says she is almost finished the Harry Potter series.


  3. Merry Christmas and Happy new year to everyone from Snowie Ottawa

    We finally got snow on Dec 28th after a record breaking “balmy” December
    It was great to get your christmas letter and update.

    Hope this post is finding all you enjoying your great adventure. How are all the kids enjoying the sailing life? When are you all sailing to Bahamas?

    So very glad and proud of you all for embarking on such an adventure! This is such an amazing experience for your whole family …and those of us sharing through your blog …(finally found it!)

    Danika and Adrian send all their best to Betty and Paul, and Karen and Henry ….

    Take care, have fun and be safe ….and all the best …of EVERYThING to you all ❤

    Gemma, Donald, Danika & Adrian xxoo


  4. Hello Escher family!
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!
    Greetings from snowy Ottawa, finally snow after December 28th, after a record breaking “balmy” December!
    We are very excited and proud of you all for embarking on such an amazing adventure! What incredible memories and bonds you are creating! We are so excited for you ALL!
    Sorry this took soooooo long …finally found your blog!!
    All the best for a HAPPY and SAFE and FUN new year! …we look forward to reading about your Caribbean adventures…. Danika and Adrian say a big hello to Betty, Paul, Henry and Karyn….
    Take care and all the best of EVERYTHING to you ALL ❤
    Big Hugs from us all,
    Gemma, Donald, Danika and Adrian xxoo


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