Bahamas – plans derailed

We got the news a few days ago. My husband was clearly disappointed. He had just learned that UPS – the people in brown – had delayed our shipment of spare parts, and that meant we could not leave for the Bahamas on New Year’s Day.

We have been listening to weather reports, daily. We have readied and provisioned our boat with food and spares to the point that we are close to floating beneath our waterline.

When my husband told me about the UPS delay, my eyes pinched together in all the right places, conveying all the empathy I could muster. Yet, I was conflicted and surprised by an underlying sense of relief.

Knowing that we have put so much effort and expense into our boat – yet, I was suddenly content to bob along on our anchor outside our friend Dave’s house in Florida was difficult to process.

Who or what was behind our UPS deliver delay? Perhaps it was heaven sent?
Who was really behind our UPS delivery delay?

I can be forgiven, I think, for having mixed feelings. I am new to sailing and this is my first passage. I am prone to seasickness – not minor tummy upsets – but, full on vomiting, forcing me to eat anti-nausea pills while feeding my family slabs of cheese or raw carrots for sustenance.

I dread having to navigate in shallow waters amongst reefs. But, I am consoled by the knowledge that we are unlikely to approach hazards at break-neck speeds. I will take one obstacle at a time.

In short order, I expect that facing my fears will not only give me a boost of sailorly confidence, but will expose our family to a wealth of amazing experiences.

In the Bahamas we hope to see:

  • flamingos – Inagua has 80,000 flamingos. That’s 80,000 opportunities to see at least one bird.
  • swimming pigs – they are wild pigs that swim – I can’t wait to see my kids’ reaction
Swimming pig, Bahamas
Swimming pig, Bahamas
  • fish – all sorts of reef fish
  • Thunderball Grotto also known as the ‘James Bond Cave’ because it appears in a scene from the 1983 movie, “Never Say Never Again”.
Thunderball Grotto, Bahamas
Thunderball Grotto, Bahamas

We might have to wait another 10 days for sailing conditions to be right. Then, we’ll make the crossing from Rodriguez Key to the Bahamas.

The crossing will take one full, long day. We will leave at dawn and expect to anchor at about 9pm. And you might not believe me when I tell you – but mixed feelings are just that – mixed. I can hardly wait.


  1. Take heart, Lorraine! My Kiwi friend who did that with her husband and young children felt exactly the same. But she got through it, not once but twice, and will always say it was the best thing they ever did as a family. He still sails weekly, she watches from a comfortable chair on shore! I sit with her – leaving in 2+ weeks. Happy New Year to you all!!!


  2. We noticed that Aphrodite was gone on New Years Day. Sorry to hear of the delay. If you’re nearby, give us a call…our offers for on land transportation still stand! It was great getting to meet you and your family on the beach and I am enjoying your blogs very much!


  3. Hope you have made it safely to Bimini by now! If you pick your weather right, the passage there can be very calm, and the Bahamas are well worth it!
    We met in the KL Publix a few weeks ago. Look forward to reading about your family’s adventures ahead.


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