Freezing on a catamaran in Georgia

We are missing some critical boat parts. The temperature is dropping to below zero. We just ran out of propane, and I’m looking like a ninja wearing a balaclava because our heater just stopped working.


These are not the scenes I would usually associate with catamaran living. Certainly, when people stop by our boat and say things like, “You are living the life!” they are probably not imagining scenes from A Christmas Carol being played out on our boat.

Tonight our catamaran feels like a conduit for the cold weather and water that surrounds us. My blanket feels like a sieve. I am now wearing socks. I think I’ll put on another sweater.

The sound of rushing water drove me out of bed. I could hear it running beneath the floor. Turns out, Rick was troubleshooting our heating system. He is tired but had the floor open and was investigating our heating issue.

Tomorrow we’ll find our boat parts, and we’ll be busy and keep warm. We’ll fill our propane tank and drink coffee. Maybe I’ll make some bread. Rick finishes his research for the night and tells me he’ll “take apart the heater tomorrow.”

Thought I should mention – there are days like this.

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  1. Oh dear! And here it actually feels not so bad this evening, about +2 degrees – you remember those quiet, mild winter evenings when a walk in the snow is so still and lovely? Took Maggie out, we enjoyed it. But I can tell you that last week was awful! The coldest temperature ever recorded in Ottawa for 23 November. Thank goodness for car heaters and warm gear. No matter what, you are better off there! And it will pass.

    I try to send messages from your posts – all of which I read with great pleasure – but am never sure if they are transmitted.

    Really missed seeing you this summer. Bad timing. My dear friend Kate in Toronto was dying and I spent much of the summer running back and forth to spend time with her. She left us on 26 August. We are still grieving mightily.

    I’m sorry also to have missed sending birthday greetings, Lorraine. I just realized now that the date had slipped by me. It’s on one of those perpetual calendars in my bathroom but I don’t see so well in the dark !! And my visits are brief in the daytime as I am working around the clock these days. Trying to clear my office so I can go off to New Zealand with a clear conscience and hope/hope for an uninterrupted vacation! I fly out on Jan 16th, back March 1st.


    What are your plans for the Panama Canal?

    Big sloppy hugs to those fantastic kids. Really miss them.



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