Guest data – statistics we’ve collected

Since August 2015, we’ve had a total of eighteen people stay overnight with us aboard SV Aphrodite. Unbeknownst to these guinea pigs, I mean guests; we have been secretly tabulating statistics about them and their visit. Here are some statistics that might be of interest to other cruisers and future guests of SV Aphrodite:

  • 90% of our visitors went to shore to sightsee, visit restaurants and visit beaches
  • 90% went sailing (meaning we actually left the harbour during their visit and raised the sails)
  • 90% went up front, on deck, while we were sailing
  • 60% shared an overnight stay on our boat with nine other people (10 people aboard)
  • 55% took seasickness medication at least once during their visit
  • 40% went snorkeling
  • 40% washed at least some of their clothing by hand, and hung it up to dry outside
  • 40% showed signs of dehydration (for example, dark urine and swollen feet)
  • 30% experienced sea sickness to the point of throwing up
  • 30% experienced a second-degree sunburn, requiring aloe lotion with lidocaine and, in one case, a special prescription medication
  • 20% had special dietary needs (vegetarian, vegan or food allergies)
  • 20% rented a car for a day
  • 20% were 16 years old or under
  • 20% were non-swimmers
  • 20% dropped something overboard by mistake
  • 20% left something behind on our boat by mistake (for example, jackets, a game, earphone case, and toy car)
  • 10% saw nurse sharks underneath our boat (in the Jumentos, Bahamas)
  • 5% brought a hair-straightening appliance
  • 5% are repeat overnight guests (hmm, is there a message here?)
  • 0% wore Speedos
  • 0% required hospitalization or contracted a serious illness, such as Zika or Hep C.

Our data is drawn from a sample of nine females and nine male visitors, ranging in age from 3 to 75. Our visitors were from Canada, Mexico, United States, United Kingdom, and Switzerland. If, after reading these statistics, you are interested in increasing our sample size then please see my post called “What do we do all day”. It will give you a better sense of our cruising lifestyle.

A big thank you to our fabulous guests – Mark, Caroline, Anthony, Elizabeth, Ewa, Collette, Emily, Teena, Carl, Dad, Marthe, Paul, Anastasia, Ilya, Rick A., Braden, Findlay and Jorja!


  1. 0% wore speedos, a cruise as nature intended. I guess the 30% that got sunburned got sunburned in places where the sun doesn’t normally shine?


  2. At last! Was beginning to worry about you after months of silence. Think of joining you every day as my East African tan starts to fade… (poor me). Delighted to have an update. But where exactly are you?


  3. How lovely to pop in and have such a recent update. As always your sense of humour and observational skills are on display. The first thing that comes to mind was, what was dropped overboard? Was it the hair-straightening appliance? hopefully nothing more important than that. You sound well, take care


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